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Our Story

Insight Manitoba is a full-service polling and communications company that was founded in 2014 to provide the highest quality information and results in the marketplace to our clients and the public at affordable pricing.

Who We Are

We provide personalized service to our clients, learning their unique needs and building a solution to maximize results within budget.  We use engaging questionnaires to encourage true quality responses, that capture and allow us to present educated information. We can help communicate concise and compelling content to capture your target market or the general public alike.

Our Vision

Our vision has been to create tools that are accessible  and affordable to any candidate 

About Us




Communication Consulting

Want to capitalize on an event but don't know how? Our communications specialist can help craft messaging and an execution plan to ensure that you aren't missing a critical moment during the campaign.

Voice & Text Broadcasting

Voice & Text broadcasting is the first step in introducing yourself to your voters. With a short 40 second message, we are able to ensure it arrives to every voter very quickly.

What We Offer

Live Calling

Need to identify vote or get it out. We have live agents ready to go through your call lists to say your message and gather the necessary data for an effective GOTV strategy.

Interactive Voice Polling

Now that you're known in the race, let us help you gauge that awareness with an Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) poll. This is a simple and effective method for knowing your popularity at a point in time.


You've done the work, now you got to get it out. Insight's GOTV services can ensure that all your identified support is contacted and that all logistics are arranged. Leaving you time to relax and take it in.



Deep Election Knowledge

We have worked at all levels of elections from Municipal, Provincial, Federal, and Party Leadership in various roles from official agents, GOTV coordinators, and Campaign Managers. This means that whatever the campaign, we can provide detailed knowledge on project execution.

Years of Experience

All our principals have over 10 years of experience working through several cycles. We have seen the transformation of political campaigning go from labour-intense paper focused campaigns to smaller campaigns leveraged by digital tools to achieve similar results. We've seen fads and transformative changes to know what we need to bring to your campaign, and what's just noise.

In-house Solutions

To help achieve our business, we look to low-cost in-house solutions to help satisfy our customer demands to ensure that we can get our message out in an effective cost-conscious way.

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